SnackTrack[6]: Apple sign in guidelines

Apple has a set of guidelines and criteria that they want you to meet if you want to publish your app on the App Store.

Most important requirememnts are:

  1. IF you have social login options on your IOS app, options have to include signing in with Apple as option.
  2. UI guidelines, basically to keep Apple’s brand identity.
  3. Security aspects.

That’s it in short. This article will expand briefly on these.

Find full docs here:

UI guidelines in short

Point is that Apple gives you a set of really solid advices to do the sign in process the right way from a user experience perspective.
In my opinion these are good ones. And again, these are advices from them, not rules. They are basically:


  • Display sign in benefits at sign in step for user
  • Delay sign-in as long as possible
  • Ask people to set up account before offering any sign-in options
  • Option for account linking
  • Only ask for data that you need
  • Clarify what is necessary and what is recommended data
  • Respect and accept Apple’s personal relay email addresses
  • Give people a chance to engage with your app before asking for optional data


  • IF you use the system provided sign in buttons in official Apple sign in packages you will comply with probably all things they want from you… Also your button text will pick up language of the users phone automatically.
  • IF you are not using these, you have to pay attention to certain guides:
    • Button title text options are to be chosen from a set.
    • Button contrast guide to follow.
    • Button size and corner radius.
    • Use official logo from Apple resources
    • And your button will be reviewed in App Review (when they review your app before launching to App Store) if you are using a custom one.

TLDR; Use system buttons. You should have a solid reason to use custom ones.

And for closing out, the “Apple resources” that I mentioned for downloading official Apple logos from: they have some pretty cool stuff here, not just logos.
Full IOS native UI component templates, basically a huge set of native UI components in Figma/ XD, Sketch that you can use if you want to have super crisp, accurate deisgn mockups and prototypes.
Maybe worth to know.

Have fun,


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