SnackTrack[7]: Google sign in implementation

In short:

  • install @react-native-google-signin/google-signin
  • Update app.json file with necessary configs
    • A key one here is having
    • “ios”: {
    • “simulator”: true
    • }
    • in your eas.json file -> this makes sure that you don’t have to sign in with an enrolled Apple developer account in the beginning, as it means it is only for a simulator.
  • Run eas build:config to prep your builds
  • Run eas build -p all –profile development or eas build -p ios –profile development or eas build -p android –profile development to build packages in cloud
  • Run eas credentials to get credentials needed for Android client ID – long conversation window, follow with development env and android platform orientation with selecting new and keytool options when asked.
  • Create IOS and Android client IDs in Google cloud console. Extra note to create a web client ID too. Docs adivsed.
  • Go to code and implement sign in / sign out logic

IN general: To view your app on a mobile device, we recommend starting with Expo Go. As your application grows in complexity and you need more control, you can create a development build.


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